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NEW SPRING 2020 [DIAP] MFA Workshop course (open to all CUNY graduate students)

Eyebeam Assembly: Black Movement in Digital Spaces

Eyebeam Assembly: Black Movement in Digital Spaces

ART  B2012  (44650.4SU) Workshop: Themed

Thursdays 6:15pm – 9:05pm

Understanding, Transforming, and Preserving Movement in Digital Spaces.

In the past few years, access to motion capture data, 3D base models, and software to “make an animation of yourself” has skyrocketed. From MakeHuman to Mixamo to CMU’s motion capture database, the ability to make and finish polished projects has become easier for many. While these resources are extremely helpful to create a range of projects, they lack tools to create diverse characters and movements unexplored by systems that center assumptions of neutrality.

This class will explore issues of cultural representation and exploitation through readings, discussion and an introduction to motion capture, rigging and 3D environments. Core elements of the class will integrate performance, virtual reality, and physical computing to question access, control and representation inherent in these technologies.

Instructor: LaJuné McMillian

Register through CUNYFirst, non-CCNY students will need to apply for an e-permit to take this course.