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This new performance is especially poignant in these times as I am a.) trying to understand performance, even if I can’t share a space with my audience, b.) looking at the fragility of presence via digital capture and c.) embracing the beautiful and harrowing stuckness we are all experiencing.

here, then & now originally set out to describe how traditional documentation both illuminates and limits performative works. Through the process of creation, two fundamental questions emerged: what is a digital dance performance and can it invite a sense of kinesthetic awareness in its viewers? This work aims to explore the complexities of performance, attempts to document a happening and it’s inevitable unrepeatable-ness, and also asks the question: where does the artwork exist?

Please join me next week, if you can.

I am experiencing sadness, empathetic compassion for many loved ones and finding joy in the smallest of pleasures; I hope you are finding peace, support and inspiration.
With Love!

May 6th, at 7pm
Please arrive at for the live performance.

Thesis show poster Marielis Garcia

The [DIAP] MFA is committed to and supports racial justice activism as an enlivened and publicly engaged dialogue that explores artistic practices to change society. We are proud to be part of a vital campus that can be an instrument of change to push our society toward greater inclusivity and equity.

On June 9th at 1 PM the office of CCNY’s president and CCNY’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership is organizing an important conversation about this moment of protest and the movements for racial justice

Uprising in Context: The Struggle for Racial Justice in the United States