• DIAP MFA Open Stdudio F2019
  • Diana Guerra
  • Ektarina Moskalyuk
  • A T Rosetti
  • Marielis Garcia
  • Ryan Maleady
  • Oren Herschander
  • Erica Shires
  • Gabrielle Blumenthal
  • Yujin Son
  • Heeseo Choi
  • Eddie Sherman
  • Diana Guerra
  • Sha Huang
  • Eddie Sherman

The [DIAP] MFA is committed to and supports racial justice activism as an enlivened and publicly engaged dialogue that explores artistic practices to change society. We are proud to be part of a vital campus that can be an instrument of change to push our society toward greater inclusivity and equity.

On June 9th at 1 PM the office of CCNY’s president and CCNY’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership is organizing an important conversation about this moment of protest and the movements for racial justice

Uprising in Context: The Struggle for Racial Justice in the United States